18 Oct 2011

Happy birthday blog

I am not a great one for birthdays myself, and anyway this blog was actually started on October 6th 2010, but I forgot to do this article then as I was too busy.
In just over a year's existence, I have posted 235 articles and 150,000 pages have been visited. How much has been read, I cannot tell. Neither can I tell how many people have just taken a quick look or stayed for a longer while, or been encouraged to return and/or read other things than whatever first attracted their curiosity.
The highest number of visitors so far has been from India (thanks to cricket), followed by the USA, France and the UK. People from many other countries also regularly visit.
For all these visitors, very few leave comments and only 25 of you have become members so far. Maybe I should think about this, but then again, I am doing this blog for fun, so maybe it is not so important.
If one looks at the most popular posts, below is the hit parade, with cricket (in connection with India) clearly leading the field for the moment. After that there is a good diversity of themes involved: painting, travel, bikes, music etc. As no single article about wine appears in the top 20 most popular subjects, I have to conclude that my title for this blog, More then just wine, is a suitable one!
14 avr. 2011, 2 commentaires
40 275 Pages seen
4 avr. 2011, 4 commentaires   
12 406 Pages vues
7 janv. 2011, 2 commentaires
5 795 Pages vues
4 déc. 2010                             
3 865 Pages vues
11 janv. 2011, 7 commentaires
3 754 Pages vues
6 avr. 2011, 2 commentaires    
3 441 Pages vues
12 juil. 2011, 7 commentaires  
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22 juil. 2011, 2 commentaires   
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12 févr. 2011, 8 commentaires  
1 977 Pages vues
16 févr. 2011, 7 commentaires
1 888 Pages

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