11 Oct 2011

Bikes over water

Accidents, in the sense of coming across things accidentally and enjoying the surprise and the discovery of them, can be good. This is one of the serendipitous joys of the web I suppose. I was researching recently for a future article on the painter David Hockney when, by plugging in a search request for an image of one of his paintings celled "A bigger splash", I came across a whole range of stuff about motorcycles and water.

Now I have always disliked riding a bike in the rain. I do not go fast under these conditions (I lack confidence when cornering on wet roads) and I hate getting wet when I have not chosen to do so. One puts up with it, to a point. But the idea of riding a bike across water I find quite exciting. And of course people have tried it.

So here are a few still images and videos of bikes in, over and through water...

This is my favourite.

It is by the Hungarian photographer/journalist, Martin Munkacsi, who died in the USA having fled the nazis and becoming also a photographer of Hollywood stars. He inspired, amongst others, Henri Cartier Bresson. This was taken in the 1920's or early 1930's. Impossible to recognise the bike, but I am surprised that the rider hasn't slipped his goggles over his eyes. I expect that is why he has closed them.

This is the weirdest. It looks like it has been rigged, but who knows these days? People can do the funniset things. Bit of a waste of a Bonnie if the picture is for real.

This one is clearly rigged, but the idea is nice...

But to see what a sports bike can really do through a bit less water, try this one ...


Below is  a shot of a stunt man doing his stuff on a lake. Not sure how this one ended, but it looks like he is wearing his lifejacket so he was prepared.

Then I discovered that some people do actually manage to ride over water with a bike. Jesus riders maybe ? They call it aqua-planing and we try to avoid this on the road. Here is one shot and then a couple of videos

Feel like having a go? Better choose your spot carefully... and your bike as well

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