6 Apr 2011

Isle of Man TT circuit with Guy Martin anybody?

Guy Martin is currently one of the best specialists of this redoutable road circuit that has probably killed more riders than any other. He had a fearsome crash here in 2010 but is planning to ride it again in 2011, and I hope that he wins. A film on the TT (Tourist Trophy) and Guy Martin will be released shortly and I for one will run to see it.

This fireball below is the result of the crash that Guy survived. Not much left of the bike, which was doing around 150 mph when it occurred, but he let go of it quick enough and was wearing an air-bag suit. He spent quite a while in hospital with multiple injuries but was very lucky to survive.

Meantime here is a film of a run he did in 2007 on the Isle of Man TT circuit (sometimes called the Moutain circuit), commented by the man himself with plenty of tips on how to tackle the tricky bits. And when he says "clip the border", you would better believe him!

Another word of warning: when he says let the throttle go, he usually means, I think, turn it hard on. And for those who do not live in the UK, Guy has a pronouced northern accent and speaks very fast: he needs to speak damn fast in order to keep up with his riding speeds! And remember that in this film you are travelling at average speeds of around 130 mph (209 kph) on ordinary small roads, which makes for top speeds of over 200 mph.

And now there is also the film, Closer to the Edge, that has been made about the TT, starring all the usual suspects and especially Guy Martin. Here is the piece that I have written about it, but get the DVD on all accounts!