8 Apr 2011

girls on motorcycles 4

Seen this week on the very chic French blog (which is in English) called Southsiders

I couldn't resist posting it almost immediately. Now I quite realise that this lady is not dressed correctly for any serious biking. I mean her helmet is not even fastened properly!

According to the Southsiders blog, her name is Kylie and she lives in Bali (not a great rhyme, but I guess we will have to take it as it comes). Ah, now I begin to see the bike conection more clearly. Look at the fuel tank. Can you see "Deus" written on there? 

Deux ex Machina is an Australian outfit that puts together some pretty amazing specials out of old bikes, updating them in a way whilst maintaining a rustic spirit that I like a lot, even if some of the bits can occasionally get a bit clumsy for my taste.  And Deus have opened up a subsidiary in Bali, building specials from the machines -mostly Japanese- that you see running around this beautiful island.

How about this beauty, apparently based on a Yamaha SRX 600? I think this one must be in Australia (definitely not Bali, is it) or are those the Bonneville salt flats? Really nice bike anyway.

Back to our initial topic, which, I think, was girls on motorcycles. Here is to goddess Kylie (the Balinese are mainly of the Hindu persuasion, in case you were wondering). Want a ride anyone?


  1. Wanting to upgrade the level ... just a bit, I feel compelled to tell you this true anecdote.
    Bali was fortunate to be my host in April 1990, accompanied by a lovely young lady who was beginning to become my daughter’s mother, very much without my knowledge ....
    What a bloody complicated sentence to tell the uninterested readers that the seminal event in Virginie’s life had taken place in Bangkok, a few days prior to making it to Indonesia.
    And here I come ... (so to speak). Bali is indeed NOT a muslim area, by and large, in contradistinction to the rest of Indonesia. Our travel guide, a local who could not speak Dutch (too young) was not really fluent in English either, and my Balinese is poor. But we became good friends nevertheless and after a few chats he told me: “You know, we visit all these temples (as in “Prends ma banane” for instance) and you may think we honour many gods. But in fact, what rules the whole lot of us is ... random ! These gods and idols are just the impersonation of random and the natural forces”. Glups ... I swallowed thrice and was left in ravishment. This man had exactly the same approach to the universe as I, however different his background and experience, upbringing and way of life. I loved that instant.
    Back to the girl with the bike now: I would exchange “Fata” for “Deus” on the fuel tank.

  2. Good story Luc, I like it very much. Maybe we should open a bike shop and call it Fata.

  3. I’m not sure I have the skills needed to run a motorbike shop. Maybe hire a manager instead, and have a joint venture with a British cars dealer as well. He could call his branch Fata Morgana then.

  4. Me being a scrutinizer, I would opt for Utah, David. A bike on a salt lake mentioning “Deus” has got to be Mormon. Moreover, this one is definitely designed to blow ... away opposition.
    Good job, if you remember Bill Clinton.
    Hillary-ously funny.

  5. You cannot fool the scrutinizer. The Mormons baptise by total immersion in water, which they would find hard to do here. As to your reminiscences about the way President Bill educated trainees in the Oval office....

  6. David
    Il est vrai que cette petite Kylie m'a fait craquer par sa spontanéité, c'est une Américaine pilote de Moto-cross. C'est frais, c'est sympa, c'est Deus...
    La Yam. Sr est prise a Lake Gardiner, on en parle peu, mois que Bonneville, mais c'est aussi un lieu de culte pour la vitesse en Australie, cette année la speedweek vient d'être annulée pour cause de niveau d'eau anormalement élévé.

  7. Merci pour l'info Vincent. Je me disais que cela m'étonnait un peu que Deus traverse le Pacifique (quoique...).
    Ah, la déesse Kylie

  8. Comme on dit outre manche

    Save your date!

    9/10/11 Juin, Le week-end Southsiders à Toulouse
    bientôt des infos complémentaires...

  9. Ah Vincent, cela me tenterait drôlement, mais je crains qu'un de mes clients ne m'ait déjà demandé de faire un boulot pour lui le 10 juin, en région parisienne.

  10. Hesitated, but here I go :
    “If Kylie mean hog, then Lassie mean dog, ‘m telling ya, man!”.

  11. Not bad Luc, but I do not expect the lady would appreciate. I understand your hesitation.