24 Apr 2011

Husqvarna 250 WR from 1979

We are getting a bit confused with the numbers here, and I forgot to take my camera with me the other day when I went to collect my latest find (or folly, of you prefer). She is Swedish, and will become motorbike number 14 in purely chronological terms. I shall try to explain...

We will maybe straighten out the numbers a bit first, not that they matter in the slightest. All will become clear when I have actually got my hands on the modified Norton Commando that I told you about in the last article of this series. I said that this Norton was going to be bike number 14. In fact it will be number 15 since I recently found a 1979 Husqvarna WR 250 (the enduro version of the motocross bike) at a reasonable price given its apparent condition. Since I bought it and am now running the thing, it logically becomes bike number 14, and the revamped Commando, due to appear again late May or early June, will take 15th place. Ok, so what? What about this bike then?

The photo above is not even of my bike, altjhough it is the same model. Maybe I will get around to taking some pics sometime and show you. For the moment I am going to take it out to the country and hit the dirt to see how it works. In fact by the time you read this I will be there!

I have always liked Huskies and yet this is the first time I have owned one. I would probably have most liked to have a four-stroke version, but the prices are a bit out of my reach, and the simplicity of this one is very attractive. Here is another picture, this time of a 1981 model but there were ony detail changes betwwen the two versions I think, so you get the general idea. It is light and basic, robust, with a two-stroke motor, and you can virtually place the front end where you need to. About what is needed for an enduro machine, and probably good enough for me.

It now remains to be seen how an Italian, a Brit and a Swede will get on together in my garage. I'll keep you posted on this European menage-à-trois.

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