8 Mar 2011

Madeleine Peyroux does it sometimes

A short while ago I wrote a short piece on this blog about Billie Holiday: 

She just has to be the most moving jazz singer ever. I dislike making direct comparisons, and this does not purport to be one. But, if asked whose voice and phrasing (amongst contemporary women singers) most reminds me, at times, of Lady Day, I would have to say Madeleine Peyroux. She does not have that tragic story to add weight and her dresses are perhaps not the greatest things ever seen on stage, but there is something in her voice that is so sad and so beautiful.

Just try listening to this: 

Madeleine Peyroux - Dance Me to the End
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I suppose it helps that Leonard Cohen wrote the song, but then Holiday had some pretty good song writers too, including herself.


  1. David, I didn’t know you advertised for Marks & Spencer ?
    Sadness in her voice, yes. Seems to be pretty batty too, yet she sang with a lot of outstanding “sidemen/women”, as I’ve just discovered (Regina Carter, James Carter, Larry Saltzman ...) and covered Cohen a lot. On the picts, she looks either quite pretty or frankly revolting and her weight seems to play the yoyo as well. Intriguing. Thank you for drawing our attention.

  2. Yup, she does. And for Marks & Sparks 1950's collection too!
    I do love her singing though.
    By the way, Joe the Lovano hits Paris on March 15th. I'm on for tickets if there are any left.

  3. You’ll love the sound of this big man. Giuseppe is really the type you should see on stage, LIVE. He’s tall, powerful, unassuming and has presence, no pretence. Enjoy yourself!
    Me, I’ll be on the road direction Brussels ... on customers’ hunt. But I’m not such a good shot and I respect my game!