13 Mar 2011

Have a smoke?

I must confess to taking this beautiful photograph from the excellent Spanish blog, 8negro.
Sometimes you get lazy, and there were quite a few rugby games to watch today. The blog in question has a series there called "smoke girls". And a lot of other good looking stuff. The link is on this page somewhere in the margin. Take a look. Bikes are another strong feature.


  1. Yeah ! And I will get lazy once again today watching England-Scotland ! It is raining, the streets are quite and I have got some good books to read for waiting for the game !
    have a good sunday

  2. Looks more like a foam to me than smoke. But then again, who am I ? Maybe the lady just didn’t like “cuisine moléculaire” and is throwing it all up. Other explanations, David.
    Oh, by the way: Forza Italia !

  3. I was sure that this would set your imagination afire Mr. Charlier.

    As for the England vs Scotland game, Olivier, good try Scotland. A slow and imprecise game by England.

    Yes, Forza Italia. They deserved a break.