23 Mar 2011

The Allman Brothers Band

The other day I saw a poster in the Paris metro advertising a coming concert by Greg Allman. 40 years on! Hard to believe sometimes how time goes by. Here is a recent picture of Greg Allman. Remember the Allman Brothers band?

They were one of the great blues-rock bands of the 1970's (I suppose my favourite one at the time, at least of the US bands) with all those sometimes over-long guitar solos. Duane, who was in fact an excellent and stylish guitarist, was killed in a bike smash in 1971 (no, I am not waxing romantic about bike accidents, in fact I hate them: they are messy and painful, but shit happens).

On left, Greg Allman and Cher back in the 70's

So Greg Allman is back on the road. Be quite interested to hear what he does these days musically. I remember a good singer.

Now here is your little present, which is a nicely done animation by Brett Underhill using different cuts of one of the band's best songs, Blind Willie McTell's Statesboro Blues. The sound jumps a bit because he has put together bits from different tracks and concerts. The composition of the band changed over the years, and this is reflected in the images too. It finishes with a nice little acoustic solo by Duane. Like this a lot. Looking forward to hearing some more.

Ok, the Allman Brothers Band.... from Brett Underhill on Vimeo.

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