22 Mar 2011

Girls on motorcycles 2

No, this is not going to be about lightly-clothed models draped over bikes in bike shows or in garages. Although they may be very decorative, I doubt whether these ladies actually ride bikes. Some time ago I wrote a piece on this blog about ladies who really do (or have done in some cases) ride motorcycles in earnest. 

I said at the time that I would return to this subject, and I have found some more evidence, starting with this picture from 1907. Not sure that this lady rode very far dressed like this though...

Harleys seem to have been popular with ladies even back in the 1920's. This lady is dressed for the part, although I am not sure that I would have wanted to ride pillion behind her on that thing that looks like an old Brooks bicycle seat.

And, while we are on the subject of Harleys, this one, from the 1940's by the look of it, looks like she meant business.

Harleys were also into the Wild West folklore element, like here. Cute in a way, and nice bike too (I suppose a 1950's Knucklehead, although I am far from an expert in matters Harley)

There is something rather more serious about the German lady biker...

Then we move to contemporary pictures, and how about this lady? Her name is Leslie Porterfield, she has a motorcycle shop in Dallas, and she is known as the Queen of Speed.

And she really does it too, like here at Bonneville on what looks to be the same machine. She was the fastest lady on 2 wheels in 2008 with this run.

And of course there are many more of them, which is good news as we will definitely come back to this subject in some form or another.

Meanwhile, ride well, and safely, and enjoy the ride...


  1. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x93mz_brigitte-bardot-harley-davidson_music

    However much I dislike the person she is – at least what she has shown of herself – let’s admit this “girl on a bike” used to be a turn-on. And from a turn-on to a hard-on, it only takes a few seconds (even at my age) and a ... fertile imagination. Enjoy.

  2. Yes, sure she looked great. But I did make a serious attempt at showing only true lady bikers here, not actresses and models posed on bikes. Give me my dues please, and you can keep your memories of BB (but thanks for the gift anyway)