15 Jan 2011

Wine of the week 8 is a cider

THIS SIDE(R) UP is what it says on the label. The producer clearly has a sense of humour as well as a good eye for design. The packaging is impeccable, from the cork-free crown cap on top to the nicely-keyed and simple label and the smart name. All the useful information is on the back label. The maker is called Cyril Zangs. This cider was produced from the 2009 harvest. It comes from Normandy, since 14 is the number for the French département of Calvados (yes this is also where the apple brandy comes from), and a village with the curoous name of Glos. And it contains 6% alcohol.

Apparently this producer uses all kinds of forgotten varieties of apples to make his ciders

tasting notes
This is quite a deep-coloured cider. It is full-bodied yet essentially dry in its flavours. The aromas reminded me of apples and toffee, but not sweet toffee (of one can imgine such stuff). On the palate the fruit is quite scrumptious, ripe and almost chewy, tightly drawn to a finish which is dry without leaving the mouth dried-out (sounds paradoxical, I know, but there it is). In fact the mouth is left fresh and ready for another sip. Very good.

This costs around 9 euros a bottle in specialist retail stores in France which ain't cheap for cider but this is very good. I have seen it available in the US for around $15.