25 Jan 2011

My eighth bike was a Bultaco Sherpa 250T

A Bultaco Sherpa T (for Trials) 250

This I owned at the same time as the Norton Commando in 1969/1970 when I tried my hand at trials. I was not very good at this acrobatic exercise, and never praticed, living in London. Maybe the two are linked. The lack of pratice, apart from competing in a few trials, meant that I did not improve much either. I can well remember the first obstacle on my first trial competition. It was an almost vertical, head-on drop down a muddy slope, followed by an equally vertical climb up the other side. I took a look at it and thought "I'm NOT going down that!". Well I did, but I only got about half-way up the climb up that followed.

Anyway it was a great little machine, although mine looked a little more battered than this pristine example.

Maybe it's a time for a bit of oldies trials now? put put....

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