16 Mar 2012

Top of the pops this week

Just remember what a 19th century British Prime Minister one purportedly said. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, bloody lies and statistics, and the worst of the three is the last kind". Well anyway, this is the hit parade (top ten) of the posts that you people out there have been looking at the most over the past week.
Also means I'm travelling and have no time to write anything more interesting right now.  Some things change, others not so much. Painting beats bikes overall. Where is wine? Other thing is that it takes a while for word to get around.
22 oct. 2011
11 janv. 2011
7 janv. 2011
8 déc. 2010
28 déc. 2011
16 févr. 2011
6 juin 2011
8 juin 2011

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