24 Mar 2012

Ducati unreliability and a Guzzi to dream of ?

It's been a while since I posted on bikes.

Probably something to do with my current extreme feelings of frustration with the appallingly unreliable mechanics of my Ducati Multistrada, and my anger at the protracted wrangling with some totally unhelpful people at Ducati France. To cut a long story short, this bike, a 2005 1000 SDS model with just under 30,000 kms on the clock has so far had (apart from standard useable parts and servicing which all cost an arm and a leg anyway) its two cylinder heads changed because of faulty metal in the valve guides, a clutch change, a speedo / rev-counter sensor changed and now the petrol tank has deformed by itself and is leaking. This last effort will cost me 2000 euros to have it changed as the material is plastic and cannot be repared.

Ducati France have offered zilch in the way of help, or even apologies ! And this bike has been fully maintained at all times by their official agents and lives in a garage. Anyway, enough about this for the moment, but please tell everyone that Ducati's bad reputation for reliability is quite justified!

I take a look occasionally at the Bike Exif site that daily sends out good pictures of a necessarily variable selection of customized and collectors bikes of all kinds. The one that came through my mail box yesterday really caught me eye! This has to be one of the most beautiful things I have seen (in the way of bikes) for a while.

Based on the Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 (which I quite like as a standard bike, apart from its massively ugly silencer), this is a special put together by an Italian outfit called Officine Rossopuro. I have shown one of their more classic Guzzi specials before, but that was based on a older model (T7, I think, or maybe Le Mans). They apparently plan to do a small production series of this and it looks just great to me. Wonder how much it costs, but I know I couldn't afford it.

More pics....

Just a look at the detail work on this machine tells me that it is way out of my league, price-wise. But dreams keep you going, right? I am relieved to see that it has grown a rear tyre-skimmer type mudguard since the first picture on top, as I hate to think how fast the air filter would get clogged otherwise (not to mention the wear on the rear suspesion unit). Don't expect that exhaust system meets many sound requirements but I bet it sounds pretty good. Raaaah!

If you want to check out their website and make an enquiry, here is the link

Otherwise just send me a cheque....

Ride safely, its finally warming up here in Europe