4 Mar 2012

A clear run for Wales in the 6 nations?

The captains of the six nations teams for 2012

Now that the stupidly delayed game between France and Ireland has been finally played in Paris and resulted in a draw (17-17), the final result, whilst still uncertain, looks much clearer now.

Wales have won all three of their games so far, although their victory againt England last week was perhaps a tad lucky. They now have to play Italy, the weakest team, and then France, their closest rivals. But this last game they will be playing at home, and with the added incentive of taking their revenge on a world cup semi-final that they should not have lost. So they must be clear favourites, and have looked the best team in the tournament in all their games so far.

Strettle the English winger, just prevented from scoring against Wales

Of course rugby is an unpredictable game and no team is less predictable than France, who could just upset the Welsh plans by winning aginst the odds 2 weeks from now. But I wouldn't bet on that!

England and Ireland have both lost a game and are not really in the running for victory in this tournament, especially Ireland who have lost one game and drawn another. England's only chance is to beat what must now be a doubting French team in Paris next weekend. They have a young team that has shown guts and some promise, but they will probably lack the experience for this one.

Ireland played well in their game against France, with Bowe scoring 2 tries, but their scrum and line-out did not look like world-beaters, apart from the back row who were excellent.

Tommy Bowe, the Irish winger and scorer of 2 tries against France today


  1. David, happy not to have been blacklisted . . . our season has just started down here, my beloved Reds have got two on the trot but only against middling competition, be interesting to see the result against some stiffer opposition, especially the bloody Kiwi sides the Crusaders and the Aukland lads . . . indeed, the French, hard to call at the best of times and on their day capable of electric rugby . . . go the leek eaters !!! Good to see northern hemisphere rugby back on track and going great guns. Cheers mate, Whitey.

  2. Love to watch the Reds play. When do you get Cooper back on the team? Will watch the Reds vs Crusaders game for sure when that one comes up!
    Take care.

  3. Living in an “all rugby district” (both 13 and 15), but having STRONG feelings against professional sport (all kinds), as you know, I won’t allow myself any technical comment.
    Still, the picture of the captains is INCREDIBLE in its symbolism.
    The man in white, with bulging pectorals, arrogance and the stupid face; they should send him homeward ... tae think again.
    The man in green, seated, concentrated and a bit self-conscious; yes, he must be one of Swift’s fellow-countrymen, wondering what these “houyhnhnm’s” are up to.
    The man in red is definitely thirsty: for victory, for ale, for a joke and not worried at all .... at all! I Quite fancy him.
    The tall guy in azzuro has got the most elegant outfit of them all and is already seeking .... the way out and a regazza to seduce.
    The other man in electric blue represents France as it really is (and always was): depending on the others for its success. But he knows his future is not bright: Mme Lepen will rule, after she gets married with Mr. Sarkozy.
    And finally – but I hope is no clansman – the man in dark blue gear, when will he see his fellows, those who fought and died for his wee bit hill and glen ...?

  4. Sadly mate, the King of simultaneously brilliant and stupid rugby is still some way off getting back on the paddock but it would appear as though we can at least struggle on in his absence . . . not something we've seen in the last decade of Queensland ra ra, there is actually depth and real team character up here in the deep north at last.
    There has been some bloody exciting stuff played in your part of the world recently, I'm certain the 'one that got away' will be weighing heavily on the minds of many at in that little fixture . . . So, Mr Cobbold . . . who's your pick for the Six Nations and who would you 'like' to hold the cup when the season's at an end ???

  5. To Luc
    The guy in azzurro, Sergio Parisse, happens to be married to a former Miss France, Alexandra Rosenfeld.
    The Scotsman is named Ross Ford, so probably a Borderman.
    The red man should win

    1. Thank you, David, for this solid bit of vital information.
      Moreover, you corrected “en douce” (on the sly?) two of my many mistakes: azzurro takes double “r” indeed, and one is married TO someone, in English. I will remember now. The Flemish uses “with”. German and French alike will allow both (avec & à ; mit & zu).
      My personal view is rather one is married AGAINST somebody.

  6. To Whiteline
    Yes, Cooper can be brilliant and yet palyed pretty stupidly during the world cup.
    You've manged to get better things from Ewen McKenzie that we did in Paris (that's my team)!
    My pick for the 6 nations. Has to be Wales, even though my heart lies with my motherland, England. But they don't deserve to win this year's tournament.

    1. I suspected all of the above might be the case, it does give me some degree of joy to see the Welsh in a relative purple patch once more after so many years, like the Reds, in the wilderness.
      Yes, Ewen [a bloody New South Welshman !!] has really been the conduit for the reborn sense of spirit in team Red in the last two years, somebody had to get it right ultimately !!
      Well mate, off for a thrash on the bike, take care, look forward to the next post whatever the subject matter may be, cheers.

  7. New post should be here soon. Somthing different.
    So what's your ride at the moment Whiteline?