20 Feb 2011

What is real? a follow up

I think the answer to this question (which could be the same as yesterday's, although I haven't asked it yet!) is rather clearer than that concerning the upper piece of underclothing on that young lady:

But other questions spring to mind.

Maybe this lady has been doing some gardening or building work and is just stretching to loosen her back or neck muscles? Her clothing would not be totally suitable in this case and she is wearing too many jewels on her hands and wrists. She also appears to appreciate the state of Texas, which may just indicate where this photograph was taken.

Anyway, very nice lacework again, wherever it comes from. Hope your weekend was good too.


  1. I suggested “Bollocks Kintyre” in a doubtful previous post. This time, “Buttocks’ Attire” would seem appropriate, wouldn’t it?