15 Feb 2011

Karl Lagerfeld

I know that its not fair to hold a dislike for someone whom you do not even know, but this has to be taken just at its "face value", which is all about image. Quite suitable given the extent to which this man's image is cultivated by himself!

I don"t know what I find most objectionable about Lagerfeldt's image (that is his real name, by the way). His apparent pretentiousness, his permanent sunglasses worn everywhere, his ridiculous high stiff collars, his silly mittens, or his powdered white hair in a pigtail. Just about everything about him seems contrived. What makes this image worse is its rigidity, as it never seems to evolve.

Of course, saying that a person entirely involved with fashion is "contrived" may seem to be stating the obvious. With maybe the odd exception, I have little respect for, end even less interest in the fashion world, which strikes me as being 90% artificial. But this guy really takes the biscuit for the most artificial of all!   

And I do not like his photography either.


  1. I totally agree with that ! It is all about appearance David … Did you hear from a website specialized in luxury items rental ? Instead of buying a 5000 euros Vuitton's bag you can have it for a night for about a hundred euros !!
    The world is becoming crazy !

  2. Never met the chap myself, of course, but feel an epidermic repulsion for his looks, what he says, the people he's in touch with and what he's interested in. Had exactly the same impression in the case of von Karajan ... but respected the artist and his achievements. Hate is not my favorite feeling, I'm afraid, but sometimes you just can't help it!

  3. I have an explanation common to the three of us, you guys : we would have loved to stroke Inès de la Fressange’s hair ourselves and envy him for that reason. As it happens, she’s just marginally younger than I and I would have liked to take it even a little further, given the permission. He, for one, just did not seem to be interested. What a waste !

  4. I think we can agree about Inès de la Fressange as well. Not particularly surprised that this guy was not interested though.

    As for Olivier's comments about rental luxury, I would say that the whole concept of what is "luxury" has gone crazy. To me, luxury is having time avaailable to do what I would most like to do, and definitely not to buy a load of useless objects at ridiculously high prices. And how do magazines and tv on give so much space to the equally ridiculous M. Lagerfeld? Check the advertising space linked to the companies he gets his money from and you will have the answer! Otherwise, he has to be one of the world's major non-events, like most of that world.