15 Feb 2011

Karl Lagerfeld

I know that its not fair to hold a dislike for someone whom you do not even know, but this has to be taken just at its "face value", which is all about image. Quite suitable given the extent to which this man's image is cultivated by himself!

I don"t know what I find most objectionable about Lagerfeldt's image (that is his real name, by the way). His apparent pretentiousness, his permanent sunglasses worn everywhere, his ridiculous high stiff collars, his silly mittens, or his powdered white hair in a pigtail. Just about everything about him seems contrived. What makes this image worse is its rigidity, as it never seems to evolve.

Of course, saying that a person entirely involved with fashion is "contrived" may seem to be stating the obvious. With maybe the odd exception, I have little respect for, end even less interest in the fashion world, which strikes me as being 90% artificial. But this guy really takes the biscuit for the most artificial of all!   

And I do not like his photography either.