2 Feb 2011

"More than just wine" blog wins a prize!

On Monday I went to Angers, in the Loire valley, to collect a prize that this blog has just won. This prize is awarded by the organisation (InterLoire) that promotes wines from the Loire region, and there were three winners. The Wine Blog Trophies have been awarded for the past 6 years to blogs that talk (at least partly) about wines or wine-related places or topics. It is individual articles that win the awards, and they naturally must concern the Loire region.
The jury was one of my peers: ie professional wine writers from different countries, many of them bloggers themselves. I feel very honoured!
This blog won the prize in the "Destination Loire" category, for the following article, published on January 11th 2011 in the "Places to go" section:
Having started this blog just over 3 months ago, I felt a bit like an intruder, winning what was in fact the second prize judging by the overall markings for each article (15,2 for "Down the Loire to Nantes", against 15,3 for the winning article). 

For those interested in this beautiful region of France and its wines, I have also, to date, written in this blog about the wines of Vouvray:


But also (and I now regret not having thought to enter this article, as it is possibly the best of the three) the article that in fact started this blog on October 6th 2010:




  1. Congratulations and that's a great first blog too! Sounds a tremendous venue.

    I passed through Tours on Monday on my way back from the UK...........

  2. Thanks Andy. I highly recommend the Café de la Promenade. Just on the roazd out of Bourgeuil, heading south. Well worth a stop!

  3. Congratulation and very nice to meet you ! VW