16 Feb 2011

Moto Guzzi specials

Following last week's entry on what must have been my tenth bike http://morethanjustwine.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-tenth-bike-was.html
and one of my all-time favourites, I have put together a few pictures that inspire me (or will do one day not too far away) to build something based on that Moto Guzzi that I so much enjoyed riding. These pictures are already a pre-selection with ideas that I like.

Which one(s) do you prefer ?

There are good things about all of these specials that apparently use either the V7, or the 1000 SP as a basis. I know which one I prefer. Bear in mind that I am looking for simplicity and that feeling of brute force that I find is given out by this engine more than by any other bike.

Ride well!


  1. Well … I got the virus from my father who used to love simplicity in motorcycles too. So my top 3 is :
    - 3 by far
    - 2 love that too…
    - 5 (much more for my JoeBarTeam's side !)

    Of course the helmet on picture 4 is totally appropriate !


  2. I will wait to hear from others before giving my preferences. Interesting.....

  3. Awww, this very English – and French too – tendency to rank things and classify : favorite, runner-up, last of the pile ... You won’t get me on that path. The 90° V-twin is a marvel: I drove a Honda CX 500 to Marrakech in 1985, two sitting up ... and back, but the Guzzi is so much better.
    Technically, the ones with a cantilever system – I don’t see any shock-absorber on the right, but maybe there is a single one on the left, dunno – appeal to me, especially in the case of a shaft-drive. And now, I suppose it’s all 4-valve heads and everything. My spine (and a bit lower too) feels shivers of pleasure in anticipation. There’s a short distance indeed between the clip-ons and a hard-on.

  4. N° 1 is my favorite.Some like them raw. And le vert anglais, of course!


  5. Not classification Luc, just tendencies and preferences, on the spur of the moment, as you might choose a.....

    By the way Luc, all the above bikes have twin rear shock-absorbers. The cantilever system was used on some later models like the 1100 and the V11. The most recent sports model from Guzzi, the really nice looking but expensive MGS01 Corsa, went to an Ohlins single shock mounted vertically as on Ducatis.

  6. I fail to spot it on your exhibit # 1, however much I look. But I take your word for it.
    You know what, David, aging is a curse for many reasons, and decreasing eyesight is just one of them. As immortal Brillat-Savarin used to put it: “Les plaisirs de la table sont les seuls qui nous restent pour oublier la perte de tous les autres”.

  7. You are quite right, as usual. I am clearly the one with the greatest number of visual deficiencies!