15 Aug 2012

Robert Parker is in the Portland Museum of Modern Art

I have a lot to say about Portland, which is a fine and interesting city with at least 2 magnificent museums: the Museum of Art and the Historical Society Museum, about each of which I will speak later in more detail. I must say that I find the museums I have seen so far on the US quite exemplary, with knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming staff, excellent viewing conditions, well laid-out and lit exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, and all due credit given to donators and sponsors. And you can take photographs almost anywhere, provided you avoid using flash.

But today I have a little scoop for you. I have finally found the real Robert Parker! (bit of a house joke for the wine community). Here he is, sitting in the Portland (Oregon) Museum of Art and looking a bit tired. It is interesting to note that his brother-in-law has a winery in Oregon, called Beaux Frères. I have yet to taste any wines from there. Here is a closer look at the man....

The artist describes him as a dishwasher, which may be a career the great man has adopted, but of which I was not aware.