14 Aug 2012

California to Oregon: things seen

No particular theme today, just a sketchbook if things seen and places visited, in various places between Eureka in Northern California, and Portland in Oregon along Highway 101 and Highway 5. Much more to come, I can assure you !

In a fairly ordinary, hippy-like café (oh we're sooo organic!) on the market square of Arcata, on the other side of the bay from Eureka, my last port of call. This is an ironical wink at the legal service at Champagne Veuve Clicquot, a company for which I worked for 7 years and which relentlessly pursued people like the producers of this sign.

Stopped over in  a beautiful but run-down little place called Port Orford, with a spectacular bay (see next photographs) and booked into a seedy little motel with this car as a neighbour. Not sure what it is and it was gone the next morning when I went out to run on the beach at 6.30. Nice colour, nice shape.

Battle Rock, at Port Orford, Oregon

Looking south from Port Orford

My zen sculpture on the beach at Port Orford

Not always land of the free, and not always land of the spelling either

Red Fish, probably the best restaurant for at least 100 miles around, reasonably sophisticated, with excellent service and a very fine wine list. It overlooks the bay and is associated with an adjacent art gallery. It also lies just across Highway 101 from the motel mentioned where I stayed. Land of contrasts!

The best breakfast I have had so far was here, at Lloyds, in the fishing port (and minor tourist trap) of Bandon. Get there early on a Sunday so that the shops are shut! And watch the waves....

I'm moving inland...


  1. I would suggest : « No overNIKE jogging » for someone toddling off at 6.30 am to indulge in this type of compulsive tantalization. And a lot of – Freudian – things to derive from your so-called Zen sculpture.

  2. Thought you would like the sculpture!