3 Jan 2012

Vote for us please!

I realise that it is an election year in several countries, and that this is a very small time appeal for a few votes for a blog (about wine) to which I contribute once a week here in France where I live. I should add that it is not this blog, which won a prize last year, soon after its inception.

Les 5 du vin (a sort of Fabulous Five of Wine) was founded 2 years ago during a trade fair devoted to Loire wines. An article I happened to write about a wine bar in that region has been selected for the wine blog competition that is run each year by the organizers of that fair. I would like it to win for my colleagues who have worked much harder than I to get it going.

We seem to be in the final and only just ahead in votes at the moment, so, if you happen to have a Facebook account and happen to feel like a quick click of the finger, please go for it! Here is the link:


1 comment:

  1. David, I’m afraid I’m not allowed a vote. Don’t sell wine by the jerrycan nor demi-john.
    However: “One can, one vote” is the rule.