6 Jan 2012

Japanese Beer

A friend sent me a link to this amazing commercial for Sapporo, one of the major Japanese beer brands. Just think what one could do for a wine with this kind of money (and creativity)!


  1. Money, I don’t know, but creativity, yes.

    Imagine a sugar beet growing in the earth and “elevated” to the rank of ... Bordeaux.
    Imagine a blue bag of “boue de ville” slowly becoming nitrogen in the soil of the “Montagne de Reims”.
    Imagine 250 hl/ha of rivaner becoming “crémant” in Luxemburg.
    Imagine Seyval and Müller-Thurgau yielding “English Table Wine” on the coast of the Bristol Channel.
    Imagine ...
    Imagine there's no countries ( it isn't hard to do)
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people drinking all their wine in peace...

  2. To Luc,
    Lennon was wrong and so are you . . . we need more Muller-Thurgau [pardon the absence of the 'umlaut', however it's spelt], like we need more phyloxera . . . what a one dimensional variety.

  3. Methinks, WhitelinePsycho (interesting pseudo), that Luc Charlier's particular brand of humour takes a little while to integrate. I think therefore that you agree!

  4. Wot d’you mean, « Charlier’s peculiar blend of rumour » ? There’s no gossipin’ in there, Guv’nor, just sheer hops-starvation. And I sure take a helluva long time to desintegrate.
    More seriously: met a painter in Céret this very morning.
    Go and have a look at: www.william-fenech.com.
    Born in Algeria, came back to Burgundy first, then to Pyr. Or.
    Wife used to work for CIVR (at a time when still called “Groupement”).
    Is keen on angling (perch, sander, trout ...) and ... wine.
    Affordable prices and clear Soutine-ish inspiration .... which I adore.

  5. Good to hear. Not a Soutine fan misself but I took a look. Now going to have a Duvel. And what do you have to say about that my lad?

  6. Cervoisiam Belgam bibere humanum est, Duvelum excellens diabolicum !