22 Jan 2012

Sexism and advertising

Some women complain that they are being used as objects in contemporary advertising. Maybe so. But then so are men, and in exactly the same ways these days. I don't really have a lot to say to defend advertising but it exists and does not actually harm anyone as far as I can make out. It also enables most newspapers and magazines to exist. If the "women's lib" extremists think that things are bad, maybe they should take a peep at some of these gems (?) from the 1950's and the US of A. I doubt whether any of them would be printable today. Who said that things were better in the good old days....?


  1. Where do you find all these odd and wonderful things?

    I must say though that I think "Untouched" is almost on par with the examples above. Perhaps not quite, but not far from it.


  2. I guess by poking around mostly. There is plenty more out there. Watch this space!
    In the same vein, I quite like the "sexy Rhône cuvée" I featured in this article on wine labels a while ago


    1. Those were the days!

      No, my darling, I'm just joking. Yes I will carry out the dustbin. Yes, Darling, I will put the children to sleep when I am through with my article. Yes, I spend too much time on my blog. An don other people's blogs too. But this is David's Blog. Yes, you know, David Cobbold. The smart Englishman. Yes, HE knows how to write. Tes, HE knows what women want. Seen I'm carrying the dustbin.

  3. @ David: Shocking, old boy!
    I’ve even been told some members of your club – not you, for sure – even suggested women should gain access to its premises. Utterly absurd.
    On Per with, you mean ....

  4. Yes, place is going to the dogs! Well, "no women, no dogs" was the sign at the entrance to one of Scotland's finest golf courses.