17 Aug 2011

Riding a Ducati Multistrada in Lozère

Part of my summmer was spent riding motorcycles. This including three fairly rainy days with my friend Greg Rice, who filmed this sequence in Central France. Each of us travelled about 400 kilometers from our respective bases to meet here and explore some of the local roads and cuisine (we can highly recommend La Lozerette, at Cocurès, near Florac). The trip would have been perfect if it hadn't rained so much on day 2, and also if my clutch hadn't packed up on the way back. Greg rides a 620, and he is faster that me through the bends on most roads, but the 1000 tends to leave him behind on the straight bits, as you can see.

In case this doesn't work, here is the address on You Tube

I realise that this has nothing on Guy Martin's round on the TT circuit! (see http://morethanjustwine.blogspot.com/2011/04/isle-of-man-tt-circuit-with-guy-martin.html )

But the the Isle of Man circuit was closed to traffic, and also Guy Martin was riding a much faster bike, and also, well, I suppose he is a better rider too!

I also realise that there was this white line there at the end of this video, but then the vision was fine for a bike. White lines seem to be designed for cars.

Ride safely all the same.


  1. Dear David,

    I just red the following article. Of course I immediately thought about you :


    Hope to see you soon


  2. Thank for this Alexandre. I had seen it before, maybe on Southsiders. Everyone can make their personal list of the 10 most desirable bikes, and some (but not all) of the ones here would also figure on my own list. The Falcon Vincent has to be one of them.
    best wishes

  3. I think I spotted a blue lorry at the beginning carrying back corks to Portugal via Corneilla.

  4. Mmm, he won't be unloading many in Corneilla methinks.

  5. Well, beside the local « cave coop » (now absorbed by Arnaud de Villeneuve), there are 4 wine-makers in Corneilla. So chances are a lot of “bad corks” are driven from Portugal to our place, albeit not to the “Rue de l’Eglise”.

  6. It was good, although unortunately my friend lost the best footage, from some roads with tighter bends, due to a camera problem. Good area for riding.