24 Aug 2011

Yes, there is much more to life than wine

When I started this blog, less than a year ago (on October 6th 2010), I naïvely thought that it would be mainly about what is my profession, namely wine, plus a few other subjects that interest me at least as much, and some of which are of far greater importance than this albeit fascinating liquid.

I was very wrong, as the facts have shown. What are these facts? Simply the subjects that have most interested those who, by one means or another, have managed to see one or more of the 217 pages that I have published since that first effort which managed to combine wine, motorcycles and places to visit, which have been three of my main themes in this blog so far.

If one looks at the articles that I have published on this blog to date, here are the figures in terms of numbers per theme:

Wine, vin et vino: 50
Motorcycles and other objects: 50
The sports page: 21
Painting and other stuff: 18
Read on: 14 (about books and reading)
Places to go: 14
Good looking: 14 (miscellaneous)
Life and that: 14 (miscellaneaous)
Just for fun: 11
Sounds good: 8 (music)
Pet hates: 3 (I have been well-behaved here: I have more of these in store)

I suppose that this says something about me, or at least about the image I choose to project about myself. But who knows? This could evolve in time.

When one looks at the messages (or articles, if you prefer) most visited by all you readers out there across the world, one gets a very different picture. In particular, not a single suject that I have published about wine comes within the top 10 of the most visited pages. These have been a constant source of amazement to me: The top two pages, by very far, have been from the Sports Page section and about cricket (thank you India!). In fact these 2 pages make up for some 25% of all visits to this blog. The force of numbers and a national passion combined are redoutable! The third most visited page concerns the painting of Lucien Freud, which I posted well before his recent death, whose occurence boosted the visits in no inconsiderable manner. Kill a painter and boost your readership would be the cynical reaction! After that we have several subjects from the "Places to Visit" category and then a whole raft (is "raft" the appropriate word?) from "Motorcycles and other objects".

Internet never ceases to amaze me. And it is more or less unpredictable,given the size of the object and its intenable ramifications. What is the definition of a weed? A plant in the wrong place.


  1. Kill a blog-author and boost the visits ?
    The only good bloggist is a dead bloggist.

  2. Interesting thought. But who would then measure the impact on the visits?