17 Jul 2011

Who cares a damn about Rupert Murdoch?

Many newspapers, especially English ones, have recently been full of the "woes" of a certain Rupert Murdoch, whose horribly trashy rag, frequently and suitably known as the "News of the Screws", has just been closed by his company on account of the unspeakable and illegal practices to which its "journalists" have been resorting for years in order to extort juicy titbits from the private lives of numerous celebrities.

The man (Murdoch) is a totally unscrupulous businessman, an extreme conservative, and is apparently deprived of the slightest moral principle. Is there any good reason to wish for anything else than the rapid demise of his business? Of course not. But will it happen? Probably not, as the man has many ressources, including a lot of contacts in high places, as is currently being revealed as the News of the World scandal unravels. 

The closing of any business is necessarily a sad  and regrettable affair for those employed by that company. But can all those concerned at the News of the World look themselves in the mirror and say that they have done an honest job as a journalist (at least for those who were the journalists on this paper)? I have to doubt this, unless the so-called "right to know" principle has replaced that of any elementary respect for the individual. And it clearly has with the rightly named "gutter press" in Great Britain, and with similar newspapars in the USA or elsewhere.  And Murdoch has a lot to do with this moral degradation  and sheer vulgarity that touches public life. He is not of course the only one.

What can be done? Apart from shouting one's indignation at such appalling behaviour and the debasing levels of interest in the world that underscores them, the only thing to do is to go out and buy decent newspapers where articles are properly researched, well written and of some length, and deal with matters of due (and varied) interest, and definitely not with what other people, usually insignificant people at that, wear, say or do with their sexual partners. We care not a jot about all that crap! May all of the gutter press go where it belongs: down the gutter.

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  1. We do care, David. But, let’s face it, what can we do about it?
    Anyone in the top 1000 of the world’s largest fortunes has to be a ruffian, a ruthless villain, a thorough bandit. Any “reasonably” fair person will always be betrayed and abused to an extent.
    The only possible way out of this is the next revolution. But where to stop, which heads to be cut and which not, where to set the limit? And who’ll be the executor? I won’t.

  2. Me neither. I am more an evolutionary than a revolutionary anyway. But people like this deserve to go to jail for sure.

  3. Let's face it, these rags exist because some people buy them, usually the same who watch "reality TV". I am not even sure they are always uncultured people, or poor people, I don't know.
    But I am happy I don't write for them.