1 Jul 2011

strange encounter in a hotel bedroom

No, this has nothing to do with recent events, real or alleged, in New York, about which we have heard about enough I think. This piece of artwork was what I discovered in my hotel bedroom in Romania on a recent trip there to discover the wines of this country.

I promise you that I didn't arrange this myself.

The colour scheme is pretty dreadful, but the person in charge of cleaning and preparing the room obviously has a future as an abstract land artist. Any gallery people out there? If so I will give you the address of the hotel, which is a otherwise a contemporary version of 1970's communist countries bad taste (you should have seen the dining room!).

Art is often hidden in strange places!


  1. Watch out. These pillows may be of Guinean origin and charge you of rape !

  2. Yes, I was wondering about that. I did manage to get on the plane without being arrested though.