20 May 2011

The Gironde estuary, near Bordeaux

Crossing the Gironde by the ferry that takes you from Lamarque (between Margaux and Saint Julien), on the left bank, to Blaye on the right bank. The currents alter the colour of the water, brownish yellow from the silt on the banks to grey-blue as one encounters deeper water in the centre of the estuary. It is down this stretch of water that the wines of Bordeaux built their history, travelling via the Atlantic at the mouth of the estuary to markets further north. 


  1. Yes, dirt. Some call it terroir. In this case, mostly meroir.

  2. I live near Bordeaux and of course, I know very well the Gironde estuary. I find your photos amazingly true-to-life: you managed to capture the very particular light of this area and your landscapes recreate very well the impression of space and infinity we have when we look at this place. Thanks a lot.

  3. Yes, this place has a soft and hidden beauty that I find very powerful