1 Dec 2012

Who are you, and where are we going?

Rest assured, you are NOT in for a session of brain-curdling existentialism here.

This is the traditional time of year when people start drawing up balance sheets, producing end-of-year statistics, and all of that stuff. As it has now been 2 full years that this blog has been going, so I thought it made some kind of sense to give you readers a little feedback on where you come from, what you like most, and what sort of things I have been up to here. I do not know most of you, and most of you do not know me. So I guess this is my way of saying hello, even if I realise that this article is not going to boost any of the statistics kindly provided by Google on the readership of this blog.

So here goes....

I actually started this blog on October 6th, with no idea of where I was going, apart from the fact that I wanted to write about, and show images of, things that I enjoy in life. I suppose the word "sharing" is appropriate. I certainly prefer it to "showing-off", which is how some construe the fact that people write these things. I certainly do not do it for money, and I have managed it while working pretty hard over this period. So it is a spare-time activity, and has in fact been far more time-consuming that I anticipated. This in turn explains while the regularity of my publications has been erratic.

Over the past two years, I have published here a total of 346 articles (excluding this one), received or made 993 comments, and you are 46 to have become "members" of the site so far. Over the 25 months of its existance, More than just wine has therefore seen a monthly average of 13,8 articles published. This has been much lower over the past year, due to my work load and other activities. There have been a total of 405,686 pages seen (at the time of writing this), and last month's figure was 22,247.
In november 2010 (the first full month of activity), there were 411 visits, In November 2011 there were 13,101, and last month doubled that figure. So we have progression in numbers. I suppose that is a good thing?

Anyway, thank you for coming!

And where do you come from, dear readers?
Here is the top ten list per country so far:
USA 77,885
India 61,566 (thank you cricket!)
UK 51,886
France 32,588
Germany 12,641
Canada 9,085
Italy 8,006
Australia 7,748
Spain 5,653
Holland 2,336

About which subject matters (these are my self-determined categories) have I posted the most articles?
Wine 77, Motorbikes 74, Good looking 38, Painting 32, Sports 31, Places to go 29, Litterature (read on) 27, Life & all that (ie "various"), 25, Just for fun 22, Sounds good 13, Feels good 9, Tastes good 8, and, last but not least, Pet hates 6. 

What have been the most popular articles? 
I know, popularity is not everything, but I find this interesting all the same, although it has not (and will not in the future) guided my choice of subject matter. It is interesting to me to note that my main subject matter (wine) has not placed a single article in the top ten. 

Painting, with 4 articles in the list, is the clear winner, so maybe I should change jobs and become an art critic? My sports column places 2 articles in this list, both about cricket, which regrettably I barely get the chance to see, living in France. The other categories represented here (motorbikes, sounds good, looks good, places to go) place just one article each in this short list of ten.


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