27 Nov 2011

A mysterious journey to Beirut

I am currently on a mission in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon (I have been told after a previous article that one should not say "the" Lebanon. Not quite sure why though).

No, I won't say what this mission is just yet, but these pictures might provide a few clues. Then again they might just make you want to come here. Beirut is an amazing city, ever-changing, always on the move. Avoid driving here if you can! The wines are better and better. And the hotels can be exceptional, such as the one where I am staying.

This is another world, quite magical, quite strange too. Come and see for yourselves.

From grey Paris to Beirut by night

Are we tasting wines under water here?


  1. Yes, please, Uncle David. Tell us more about the article in front of the names of lands or cities. In Spanish, one says – I think – “en el Japon” (at least, Manu Chao sings it that way). In Flemish, one speaks about de Kongo, de Limburg .... In English, it is the Crimea, for instance. In French, you live “en Arles” and “en Avignon” rather than “à Paris”. I’ve been told it was because they used to be free counties or dukedoms. But Uzès was a dukedom as well and one says “à Uzès” and not “en”. I wonder ....
    Mind you: “on vit en paix”, “men leeft in vrede”, but “at piece with the neighbours” , yet “We shall live in piece someday .... ooooo, deep in my heart”?

  2. En Arles and en Avignon to avoid the a-a.

    But à Auxerre because au is like O.

    The Lebanon because it comes from Le Mont Liban

    The Ukraine because it menas The Border (Kraij) - land.

    Free of charge.

  3. But why in "the" Lebanon and not just in Lebanon? I have no idea.

    Did you know why Canada is called Canada? It seems that it is because, when the Frenchman (Breton) called Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence river (which was not called that then) in 1535, he got as far as an Iroquois village called Hochelaga, meaning "beaver dam", and which he renamed Mont Royal (future Montréal), he asked the Indians what name they gave to the area around there and they said "Canada". This just means village in Iroquis. So one could say today that Canada is the biggest village in the world.

    What's in a name? Usually a story, filled with mistakes.

  4. Beaver's dream ?
    Thank you for all your explanations, very learned friends.
    And I'm pleased to learn that soon David will have a "Belle à Beirouth".