14 Nov 2011

Gascony for ever

As I am about to leave this place once again (always a wrench, every time), here are a few pictures from this area, around the house where I stay and work for some (but not enough) of the year. I suppose this is more for my own pleasure than anything else, so let's just indulge ourselves a bit here while I try to keep a stiff upper lip on the long drive back to Paris.  

But not all is contemplation here. Sometimes (in fact quite often) we work too, like getting in wood for the winter and a few other things like building walls, making and fixing in general. Here is a load of old vines that had been ripped out locally and will be used for firewood. The old van comes in handy...

Sometimes we take a little exercise too...

And then sometimes we just go and play in the dirt....

Meanwhile the owl watches over us

all photos by David Cobbold

1 comment:

  1. Same feeling when I leave Gariès.
    Stiff upper lip, Jeeves, I mean David!