18 May 2011

The most beautiful motorcycle ever made?

I am doing this partly for those of you who have not already seen this machine (ie, those who do not get Bike Exif or Southsiders or le Dépassionné, or maybe other bike-orientated blogs that circulate). I am also doing it because, depite the fact that I am not necessarily a fan of show bikes, which are often all show and no go, I find this machine so beautifully made and designed that it just takes my breath away.

This Falcon one-off is a totally hand-built remake of the legendary Vincent Black Shadow, with just about everything except the engine (and that has been carefully rebuilt with performance parts) specifically designed and made using modern materials, whilst remaining inspired by original Vincent parts. It is as much a piece of sculpture as it is a motorcycle. I have no idea how it rides, and it looks as if one should not attempt more than a few miles on it at one time, but it just looks so.....

1. For some reason, I am not able to enlarge these pictures, which came from the Bike Exif site. Maybe this will change and I can let you see more detail in the future.
2. The last picture shows the bike without the fuel tank so that you can admire the frame and general set-up. It is delivered with a second, larger fuel tank as well as the one in the first picture.
3. It is produced by Falcon motorcycles, in California: a company set up to built just ten individual bikes at a rate of one per year, each one based on a "classic" bike from the past. 
4. I have no idea how much it costs, but certainly a small fortune. The owner is a lucky person.