7 May 2011

more guzzi specials

The other day I saw a really nice example of one of these on Bike Exif, the excellent Australian bike web site. After a few clicks I found a few more that are to be added to my growing collection of images which may serve me for a future project (oh well, we have to dream on, don't we?).

If you want to go back to the previous selection, here is the link:

We shall start with the Bike Exif example, which apparently was built in Italy for an English customer. Not sure about the nappy-wrapping on the pipes, but the rest looks great! It has managed to epitomise that chunky, muscular feel that the Guzzi delivers when sufficiently undressed and subtly re-worked. Here are two shots, rear, then front...

And here are a few more bikes from other sources, all of which have their strong points.

The black one above is a beauty, but then so is the one below, for at least two reasons