21 Dec 2010

Painting, the human body, and time

Leonardo da Vinci, c. 1492

George Baselitz 1973
Albrecht Durer 1505

Eric Fischl 1980
Pierre Bonnard 1900

Ryan McGinley (photo) c.2009
Balthus 1952


  1. To my taste, there are three incredibly gifted painters in “western” art, as far as PURE DRAWING is concerned: da Vinci, Dali and Dürer. You manage to show us 2 of them in one single contribution. Lovely.
    Love Fischl’s “floating lady” as well. Never heard of that one. More to come - looking forward to it ?

  2. The lady who floats in the picture is actually a photograph by Ryan McGinlay, who does some magical stuff, I feel. I expect that I will talk some more about both him and the painter Eric Fischl (the lady seen from behind).

  3. Another comment on Luc's remark. I have always been hesitant about Dali, at least until I recently saw some of his earlier work which moved him up in my esteeem. But I know that I would have to put Rembrandt in my top 3 for draughtsmanship, alongside Vinci and Dürer

  4. So, away in the wilderness for a while, hu ?
    Sorry for confusing the author of some of your exhibits. You must admit the lay-out of this blog does not allow the labels to be placed in a very accurate fashion, hence my mistake.
    About draughtmanship, taking your remark into account, I went back to the books and found ... a series of drawings by Rembrandt, dating from the 1630ies, which I had failed spotting till now. They are very similar to what Goya would do ... a good 130 years later. And I appreciate that as well. Maybe my “black-out” about van Rijn is due to a prejudice: he’s Dutch!
    Still, the “Hands of an Apostle”, by Dürer in 1508 ... waw! Sanctity is descending upon me, well, not quite.

  5. Yep, read my latest articles to hear about these exotic, far-away places!
    I agree about the lay-out. Not very good at this but am trying to improve.
    Nobody is perfect, not even the Dutch, but Rembrandt has to hold a place here. As for Dürer, wonder and total admiration. His presence on the labels make the Barolos and some other wines of La Spinetta even more desirable to me, even at those prices!

  6. I am very much interested to see Ryan McGinlay pictures,The lady thrown up is amazing collection.

  7. If you want to see more of his excellent work, here is the address of an article I put up on him in this blog. It includes a link to McGinley's own web site.