17 Dec 2010

my third bike was a black Triumph Trophy 500

Was a black Triumph Trophy 500, very second-hand when I bought it in 1968/1969. It was quite a bit faster and definitely more exciting, noise-wise and otherwise, than the 175 Honda that had been bent double by a car (see "my second bike" entry). One had to be careful when braking very hard (actually it didn't brake that well, but this was always a lurking fear one had) not to get emasculated by the tank rack that I actually removed to cure my phobia of a fate worse than death. The single carburettor made it more flexible and economical than the faster Tiger 500 with its twin Amals that all the quick boys used...that is those that couldn't afford the more glamorous Bonneville 650 or its transformed Triton versions in Norton frames.

I loved this bike and it was actually a good graduation up the power/speed scale from the Honda. Would quite like to get one again, and probably use it a bit for off-road stuff. This recent special built in the USA and known as Hammerhead Jack Pine (not quite sure why), was shown a few months ago by the excellent site/blog Bike EXIF daily. I think it looks very nice. The engine looks modern (which is probably a good thing for reliability), but the lines are clean and it is pretty much how I would like my next Triumph to be, if I ever get around to it. Clearly a bit inspired by Mister McQueen, but one can do worse after all...

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  1. Don’t worry, just putting your CPS (Comment-posting system) to the test.

    Ah, that’s the spirit, David.
    Away, them boring Japanese MOHC (multiple over head cams), here comes the Flood ... of good old gear-box and crankcase oil, courtesy of British Petroleum. I love their pom-pom-pom exhaust, Dunlop rubbers, fast-fading Indian brake pads.
    Takes a man to drive them, old boy.