16 Oct 2012

Strange Image 1

I occasionaly take pictures of images that strike me as interesting or strange, without any particular intention or purpose. Not quite knowing what to do with these, as I come across one or another from time to time when sifting through pictures to find something else, I have decided to publish a series of them as posts on this blog. Any ideas as to what they might represent are welcome....I will tell you the story behind the image later, I promise!

Strange image 1


  1. I suggest it be an illustration of Stefan Brijs’ novel, de Engelenmaker, translated into English (see http://www.strangehorizons.com/reviews/2008/11/the_angel_maker.shtml).
    Ten points to LC !

  2. Not knowing this book, I will hold my judgement for now, but fully expect that you will win your points.

  3. Not strange at all. This is how the British aristocracy have always parked their male offspring at night. It is reputed to break later habits of standing around with lower jaws open looking stupid. Young girls have Hermes scarves tied under their chins for the same reason. David Cameron would never made it to Prime Minister if his loving parents hadn't parked him on the mantlepiece as a baby.

  4. The man has the answer, of course. My granddaughters devised this way of "parking" one of their dolls during an Christmas family get-together a couple of years back. It is indeed an excellent exercise for the neck and chin muscles. You are most welcome to try it, even if you are not a member of the British aristocracy.