11 Jun 2012

The beauty of roses, old or otherwise

I like roses a lot, especially the older varieties that smell good and climb all over the place. Actually not all the ones I have planted are that old in terms of their origin, but they should at least smell good. I have planted quite a lot of different varieties over the years around the old farmhouse in South-West France where I try to spend a bit of time. Managed to get there for a long weekend in mid-May this year and here a a few pictures I took of one of the bush varieties that I like a lot and which was just starting to flower at the time.

The problem is I cannot remember the names of most of them. I have a planting map somewhere. This one may be called Fritz Nobis, but I'm not too sure. As I don't really have any serious ambitions as a gardner (I am too erratic and not there enough to really improve on this), maybe it doesn't matter too much. I love the shape and the colour of its flowers. Can't post the smell on here I'm afraid! 



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