31 May 2012

Ducati Multistrada for sale

Well, I have finally got around to it!

I have bought a new bike (a KTM 690, about which I will give you a test report sometime soon) and my Ducati Multistrada 1000s is now up for sale. In case anyone is interested, here are the details.

It's a 2005 model that I bought with about 1500 kms on the clock 6 years ago from Ducati Paris, where it had been the boss's machine. It is the "S" model, with full Ohlins supension and stuff. I have made a few useful mods and some useless ones. Hand guards, Ducati Performance mirrors (these ones don't break at the base like the standard ones), a slightly higher screen for cruising and a rear mudguard are amongst the useful ones. Open clutch guard, gold anodised pressure plate and carbon lower fender are amongst the useless ones that may or may not add aesthetic appeal for you. On the perfomance side it has a 13 tooth pinion sprocket, Termignoni exhasts with the suitable card properly fitted by Ducati, and I have also scrapped the catalyser. It thus breaths better, sounds better, and accelarates more crisply. I have kept the catalyser if anyone wants it, as most of the other original parts. I also have the large side paniers (grey, not black, as they come from the Multistrada I had before this one) with their support and a tank bag, all being sold with the bike.

The machine has done 30,000 kms, has just been fully serviced and has a full service record with Ducati dealers. The cylinder heads were both changed at 20,000 kms for the ones with proper valve guide metal, the clutch has also been changed very recently (28,000 kms), as has the fuel tank (the old one had a defect and had started to leak. The tyres are almost new and are the excellent (amazing in the wet!) Michelin Road Pilot 3.

So no worries in sight and ready to go! One elderly owner, always stored on garage.
Price : 6,000 euros all in and can deliver (depends where though!)

You can contact me here : d.cobbold@orange.fr

Latest news (23/06) Its been sold for over a week now, so you're too late now !


  1. Une Ducati pas décatie

  2. I heard – albeit from an untrustworthy source – that you met a girl called Catherine on one of your bike tours. Is she part of the deal, or, in other words, do you flog “The Cathy” as well?

  3. The KT Luc, the KT.
    And the answer is no.

    What I can let you have, for free, is this :

    There was a young girl called Cathy
    Who once went to Abernathy.
    There she met a young man
    Who bacame such a fan
    That now she is quite a bit fatty

    1. There was a guy called Dave
      On a bike he was very brave
      Not even afraid to ride in the rain
      And whenever he felt pain
      He opened a bottle of Champagne

  4. Waw, poetry of the noblest kind.
    What about this one (try it with your spouses, they’ll love it):
    “When I first married you, you were a saucy little bagage.
    Now you’re a baggy little sausage!” ?

  5. I much prefer Hervé's poetry to Luc's