23 Sep 2011

More Norton Commando pics

I promise that I will get back to writing soon, but, in the meanwhile, here are a few more photos taken of the Commando by my photographer friend Christophe Goussard (http://www.goussard.net/). Could have put this in the "looks good" collection, but she is a bike after all...

For those who want some technical details on this slight transformation of a classic bike, I would refer them to several previous articles on this blog (see links below). I can see from the top picture that I need to hide that tail-light wiring somehow to tidy things up a bit. Otherwise this is a great success, thanks to Frank Chatokhine.





And, if you want a glimpse of what else goes on at the Chatokhine workshop near Chartres (this will be another kind of pilgrimage that you can make before of after the cathedral), here is the link :


Ride well and in safety

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